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We can assist you in setting up a website for a group or individual, at minimal cost.

• You can create a simple or website at no cost, if you don’t use a domain name.

• You can add a domain name (recommended) for about $12-$15/year, using the registrar Namecheap (or your choice of registrar).


  • sites tend to be a bit nicer than Blogger sites.
  • But with the free version, you have these DISADVANTAGES:
    • You cannot ‘map’ a domain name. (You can only forward it.)
    • puts advertisements on your page.
  • You have the option of paying about $49/year, if you wish to remove the advertisements and ‘map’ the domain name.


  • You can ‘Map’ a domain name to a page at no cost.
  • Blogger puts no advertisements on your web page.
  • The DISADVANTAGE is that Blogger is not as capable as or

For a business website where you need to be “competitive” in search engine rankings, and you need a really “glitzy” website — then you probably want a more complex self-hosted site, and I refer you to others for this.

For sites, I recommend you contact George Lerner at Lerner Consulting in Phoenix AZ. This is the person who has set up and supports my 9 sites for me at very reasonable COST (including this one).

George Lerner of Lerner Consulting

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