wrk1-Global Images+Widgets

Global Widget For Footers:

  • Note:
  • I’m using the below “footer table” for ALL my WordPress.ORG pages. ##NO##,
  • Image does does NOT seem to work on other wp.ORG sites.
  • So have to upload my photo to EACH wp.org site.
Original website created Jan 2016, updated 2020 by volunteer JamesIngram.net (JamesIngramNet.wordpress.com)

For the WP.com Pages:

  • The master footer table for the WordPress.COM pages is at https://jamesingramnet.wordpress.com/global-images
  • The images in WordPress.com do NOT seem to work for WordPress.org pages.
  • Therefore, I will use “master table” on BilltownWeb.com for the .org pages.